believe me, i’m aware more important things are going on in this world than the writers’ strike. ongoing civil wars; election campaigns here and abroad where the primaries are just about anybody’s guess. and let me just say here, if i could vote, i’d register as a democrat. a good number of my friends wouldn’t be surprised at this, but we mormons are generally known for our conservatism. i’m leaning more moderate, and the gop’s pendulum seems stuck a bit too far to the right. not to say that the candidates don’t support abortion or a more socialist form of healthcare. the parties seem to be freaking out. it’s kind of nice to have things mixed up a bit. and the poor teacher in sudan, not meaning any harm by letting her students VOTE FOR A NAME FOR THEIR CLASS TEDDY BEAR, is waiting for sentencing for her blasphemy. sure i can see where offense can be taken, but i don’t see how the punishment would fit the “crime.” it’s rather appalling. all the while, speaking of domestic matters, while the religious leaders in sudan are spending their time dwelling on the honest mistake of that foreigner, shouldn’t they be more worried about the strife and conflict and abject poverty going on in their country? i suppose politics is basically the same in every country, where the privileged and complacent eyes gloss over the issues that matter and focus on triteness. so while i’m going on and on about the writers’ strike, i’m pondering these other situations. sadness lingers, and all that’s going on that we create our own diversions for probably won’t end soon. let’s just say the earth is on its own little strike. wake up, people, start doing things right. i guess we’ll see how long it takes for us to get it.

A little discussion.

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