There’s a famous story in Mormon culture about a man named Johnny Lingo. The most eligible bachelor somewhere in some remote pacific islands. He left for a commercial venture, then it was rumored he was returning to the islands to find a wife. All the families prepared their daughters for his arrival. He came back, and he chose a woman whom the village considered very ugly; he paid 10 cows as dowry for his new wife. The village was incredulous; they thought she was worth 2 cows at best. Still, they continued to make fun of her, and her self-esteem continued to suffer. The couple – Johnny Lingo and Mahana – went away to make a home for themselves. Months later, one of the traders came by to make a delivery. This trader was astonished as it seemed Mahana made an amazing transformation. Her beautiful, long, dark hair was brushed; her face glowed; her smile dazzled. The trader asked Johnny Lingo what caused this change in Mahana. Then Johnny Lingo said something about Mahana always being beautiful; it’s just that she needed help seeing it herself. Yeah, in the older version of this film, Mahana was a babe. It was Johnny Lingo who was supposed to be this dashing, charming, macho man. Instead, the waistband of his lava-lava came way above his belly button. And he sucked in his stomach. I know this isn’t the moral of the story, but it’s distracting.

So, anyway, every year, the single Mormon adults here in NYC hold this short-film festival called the Lingos. I just returned from the event. It’s always really well-attended, and I had a pretty good time. The films ranged from comedy to drama to documentary. The judges handed out awards; and there was viewers’ choice award for our favorite. Here’s what the crowd voted for:

Pretty cute, original idea. Not my favorite, but it was fun.
Here are some of my favorites:

(Be sure to watch the credits carefully in that one. Ahem … IMDB, here I come!)

Here’s just one more (these embeds sure do take up a lot of space). I like the filmwork and the music in this one:

The original Johnny Lingo movie, which I assume was made back in the late 70s or early 80s, was pretty poorly acted and quite cheesy. The dating of the movie should have tipped me off. But, I was 12 or 13 when I first watched it. I can’t say I knew better then. Some of the films tonight followed suit, but others went above and beyond the “standard.”

Here are links to a few more that I could find (there were about 14 in all):
Primary Progress
Dan Asay
Inwood Good Basketball
NY NY Underground
Love to Read
Swiss Days
The Adventures of Mr. Salad-Tong Arm Man

My roommate and I are going to do a video. It’s for her family’s video contest. I’ll post it when it’s done.

What do you think?


believe me, i’m aware more important things are going on in this world than the writers’ strike. ongoing civil wars; election campaigns here and abroad where the primaries are just about anybody’s guess. and let me just say here, if i could vote, i’d register as a democrat. a good number of my friends wouldn’t be surprised at this, but we mormons are generally known for our conservatism. i’m leaning more moderate, and the gop’s pendulum seems stuck a bit too far to the right. not to say that the candidates don’t support abortion or a more socialist form of healthcare. the parties seem to be freaking out. it’s kind of nice to have things mixed up a bit. and the poor teacher in sudan, not meaning any harm by letting her students VOTE FOR A NAME FOR THEIR CLASS TEDDY BEAR, is waiting for sentencing for her blasphemy. sure i can see where offense can be taken, but i don’t see how the punishment would fit the “crime.” it’s rather appalling. all the while, speaking of domestic matters, while the religious leaders in sudan are spending their time dwelling on the honest mistake of that foreigner, shouldn’t they be more worried about the strife and conflict and abject poverty going on in their country? i suppose politics is basically the same in every country, where the privileged and complacent eyes gloss over the issues that matter and focus on triteness. so while i’m going on and on about the writers’ strike, i’m pondering these other situations. sadness lingers, and all that’s going on that we create our own diversions for probably won’t end soon. let’s just say the earth is on its own little strike. wake up, people, start doing things right. i guess we’ll see how long it takes for us to get it.