“…a fancy, or a feeling? Or a Ferrars?”

Yesterday I watched Sense and Sensibility with Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet. Those two were in the movie, not they were with me when I watched the movie. That would have been way, way cool. This last time was the hardest I’ve ever cried watching it. I’ve seen it at least 10 times. It is SO quoteworthy.

Here are my usual cry scenes:
When Elinor tells Edward Ferrars that Colonel Brandon is giving him a parish. Edward asks why the colonel didn’t tell him himself, and Elinor says the colonel thought the news would be better coming from a friend. Then Edward says her friendship has been the most important of his life, and Elinor says he’ll always have it.

When Marianne is recovering from her fever and taking a walk with Elinor and they find the place where Marianne and Willoughby first met (“May I have your permission to ascertain if there are any breaks?”) Marianne wonders if Willoughby regrets her as much as she him, then Elinor asks if she’s comparing her behavior to his. Then Marianne says she’s comparing it to what it ought to have been; she’s comparing to Elinor’s.

Then finally, the typical blubbering scene when Edward comes to the cottage and everyone finds out Lucy Steele married his brother Robert, not Edward. Mrs. Dashwood, Marianne and Margaret quickly leave the room when Elinor bursts into tears. Edward tells Elinor that he’s come with no expectations only to profess he is now at liberty to do so, that his heart is and always will be … hers. Yay! Yay, yay, yay!

And for some reason this time, after this scene, when the other ladies are waiting outside and Margaret goes up to her treehouse to get a better view; when she says Edward is kneeling down, I cry extra hard and yell “woo-hoo!” and clap.

Austen’s contrivance is her trademark. I love it.

Now I’ve moved onto Shadowlands. Wasn’t planning on a sobfest this weekend. It’s been good, though.

A little discussion.

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