Where was I before I was so rudely interrupted by two people blowdrying their hair at the same time and cutting the main switch of the big fusebox in the sky and shutting off the electricity so that I had to descend 40 flights of stairs and walk 5 miles through a zoo of people with furrowed brows and frowny faces hitchhiking home and people drinking having a merry time causing me to wonder if those same people would be peeing on buildings later on in the evening and having undeniably unreliable cell phone service that at least allowed me to reach my family and anyone else outside of New York but not my roommates and witnessing civilians directing traffic and applauding them along the way amazed at how much faster walking was than the motorized traffic because my roommate came to pick us up but we met her more than halfway in much less time than it took her to drive 30 blocks and how calm everyone seemed to be and relieved I was when I finally got home at 10PM and sleeping by candlelight and hours of sitting around talking and bonding and a roommate confronting me for an oversight I had committed to which I could have reacted a whole lot more negatively and waking up at my usual time the very next morning and getting to fix French toast for the apartment and then wanting to do nothing but sleep the rest of the day even though we watched a DVD in my roommate’s car using her portable player and the cigarette lighter adapter and that I got to exercise some good will and still had a busy weekend with not much rest but I had a terrific Sunday and wouldn’t trade it for all the sleep in the world and now I’m back to writing in this journal trying to pick up my thoughts where they left off last Thursday.

How rude is that?!?

Tired. I was extremely wired from yesterday’s inspiration-feast. It hasn’t had time to settle, to simmer. Still sorting thoughts. I’ll discuss last Wednesday’s Institute class and yesterday’s churching adventures. I’ll also go into a little more detail about the blackout and feelings on some friends’ predicaments.

Not tonight, though.

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