She had woken up sweating. She wanted to open her eyes and find the sun rising, but it was still dark. She mentally kicked herself. She forced her eyes shut and tried to will herself back to sleep. She was up for the day now. Her mind had begun reeling. That’s what jerked her to consciousness.

She thought about planning on going for a morning jog. She was too intent on trying to get back to sleep. She was so focused on this task she didn’t notice that the sun WAS finally coming up. It didn’t take long, though. She was too tired from trying to return to her slumber, so she didn’t go running; she just laid in her bed.

How confusing. She kept glancing at the clock wondering how time was passing so quickly. The clock wasted minutes much faster than she wanted. She yanked her mind from her black-hole universe and began assigning minutes to her shower, getting dressed, eating breakfast. She should have established a routine by now. At least her body agreed to wake her up every morning before the sun rises.

She could see how much more brightly blue the sky was becoming. She didn’t quite correlate this to time passing. The thought of being late for work barely nudged her. She stayed in bed. She was still perspiring, but she kept the covers on. Nothing is like waking up tired. She was used to feeling somewhat rested, but something over the weekend completely whipped her.

She usually felt great on Mondays then ran out of steam as the week progressed. SO confused; her week was beginning with a sputter.

Not only did sweat drench her pajamas, she had woken up with one of those impending-doom feelings sinking in her stomach.

She’s had that all day.

She almost doesn’t want to go to sleep tonight, for fear of what she might wake up to.

Funny, it seems most people fear not waking up at all …

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