Yeah, this online journal thing may prove to be quite a distraction from work. The birth of this monster actually didn’t freeze my brain, it kicked it into high gear. What kinds of ideas does your mind generate when given the opportunity?

So I left my knitting needles and crochet hooks in Florida. Seriously. Yes, I’m very, very far away from being considered a spinster, in distance and time. Besides, when would I actually find the time to finish my yarny projects? I’ve started so many baby blankets and scarves, but only one task has ever been completed. And that was 4 years ago.

Yeah, spinsterhood. The notion of an eternal single status doesn’t cross my mind much. I don’t think I’m not going to get married. It doesn’t really sadden me when I do think I may never get married. (Yes, I do know I’m “only” 27.) I’ve chalked it up as one of those things that will just “happen.” Ah, personal struggles. Always sifting, always sorting worries and pointless worries into their respective baskets.

I went to sleep after 1:00 this morning, and I woke up at my usual 5:30. Feeling pretty darn good, though. I haven’t shaven my legs in three weeks. Fun stuff.

This CD is amazing. I absolutely adore Hilary Hahn. She was the guest artist with the JSO on September 20, 2001. At the time, I had all 3 of her albums, and I made her autograph all of them. I had given her some fan mail and flopped on trying to talk to her. That was a brain-freeze. Her style is so clean and crisp (she’ll only be 24 in November!), and I do like that she’s not playing on a Stradivarius like everyone else seems to be.

I’m getting away from myself. Must return to work. Not that work is who I am. But you know what I mean.

A little discussion.

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