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I am May V. Anderton, and this is my online journal. I used to have real issue with calling my site in particular a “blog,” because it’s such an ugly sounding word. Blog. Blog. Sounds like it should splat, right? But now, I don’t have any problem with calling this virtual outlet for my thoughts and feelings a blog. I’m really into minimizing syllables whenever possible, and “blog” really does the trick. Please do not accuse me of being lazy.

Instead of trying to write this page this page entirely by myself, I decided to enlist the help of my friends and anyone else in the internet. I received eight comments which I will be using as a part of this mini-biography. I’m really grateful to everyone who provided feedback. I don’t know how much I would have been able to write on my own. Plus, I’m just lazy.

I was born on May 22, sometime last century, in Olongapo City, Philippines. Supposedly my birth happened during a typhoon; perhaps, even the doors to the clinic slammed open and the rain drenched my mom and the doctors and maybe me. I definitely would have needed the shower.

I am filipino. This may or may not have been obvious. I have dark hair, dark eyes, and yellow-toned skin. People mistake me for Chinese all the time, but it’s nice when they guess Vietnamese or Thai or Cambodian. No one has ever accused me of being a type of Caucasian or Martian, but in high school I was called R2D2 by a group of friends. You see, I had a group of friends that identified themselves with Peanuts characters and another group of friends that related to Star Wars. I was Marci and R2D2. I am the hybrid of a confused, animated girl who was friends with Peppermint Patty and a robot that wheels around and speaks in bleeps and chirps.  Sounds about right.

I am short. That is, I am 4’10”. It’s important to me to do things well, to make people happy. People have referred to my size and called me names like Shrimp, Little One, Scale Model. I’ve been known to be a little spitfire, but there really isn’t a malicious bone in my body, except maybe my C4 vertebrae. My friends seem to think I’m precious, and jewelry is precious – it’s a good thing in a small package. I am a good thing in a small package. Ergo, I am jewelry. From Claire’s Boutique. But the good kind, the kind on the back wall.

I really, really like mini-powdered donuts.

Famous people make me nervous. If I think about meeting famous people too much, I break into hives.

I enjoy photography, and I like taking pictures of unsuspecting people going about their lives. It’s quite a way to capture humanity. I also like taking pictures of interesting things. If they happen to be of dead birds, birds that have tried to budge my work building out of the way of their line of flight, so be it.

In first grade, Mrs. Cooper’s class, I wet myself. It was embarrassing, and the teacher ended up calling my parents later that evening and I got in pretty big trouble. Also, my teacher couldn’t trust that I could use the bathroom by myself and rushed me off to the bathroom if I so much as winced which somehow meant I had to go really bad. I should practice my wincing more often.

Bad grammar and spelling are really funny. I’m not the strictest grammarian, but if I see an error and try reading it to myself and it doesn’t sound the way it was intended or supposed to, it’s hilarious. Here is what a friend stated about me: Sees the inevitable humor in grammatical errors and is a big fan of pineapple. Recognizes the art inherent in voyeurism. Impeccable and eclectic taste in music. The kind of friend who will unexpectedly show up at the Wal-Mart in the Dot on the Roadmap Arkansas town you’ve found yourself living in and will spend the next few days cheering you up, supplying your new kitchen with dishtowels and pot holders, playing Operation, and watching Grammar Rock videos with you. Once preached an unforgettable sermon about gossiping to an abashed 11th grade AP English class. Amused by the ridiculous and random. The most loyal of friends. Cute as a button. Blessing upon blessing to those who are fortunate enough to know her well…

I once took a road trip to Tennessee and Arkansas to visit friends. By myself. That week was one of the best of my life. Sometimes I buy things for my friends. Sometimes we play old-school games and watch old, educational cartoons.

I once took a decorative pineapple from a wedding reception in Chicago. I smuggled it into the airport and all the way back to New York. It was delicious.

In 11th grade AP English class one of the assignments was to give a speech. I kind of gave a talk about gossiping instead. Using scriptures and everything. Luckily people paid more attention to the writing and not to my trying to damn them all to hell for talking about other people. Man, I was so full of it in high school.

Oh. I’m Mormon. That might not be entirely obvious, either.

Here’s what another friend said: May, you have an amazingly clear integrity. I admire that and strive to emulate it.

You’re also one fun lady to be around!

My integrity hasn’t always been intact. I’ve misbehaved and strayed from the path but managed to find my way back. Apparently, I’m also one fun lady to be around.

I have a younger brother named Frank. He’s about six years younger than me. We’re part of a military family that moved around time to time when we were kids. My baby brother is one of my very best friends. Although we fought sometimes, we mostly adored each other and I know I always wanted to be as cool as him.

Here are a list of attributes about myself that I didn’t come up with. My additions are non-italicized:

-honest – only if it’s for my gain
-funny – only when I don’t try
-intelligent – only when I actually use my brain
-insightful – they probably meant “inciteful”
-friendly – not at first, sometimes it takes a little while for me to get used to people
-always welcome 🙂 – always thankful

Here’s what another dear friend wrote about me who declared anonymity but obviously lives with me:
may dabbles in so many disciplines that you wouldn’t believe her day job: physics, math, politics, music performance, music appreciation, literature, writing, grammar, photography, modeling, windowsill-gardening, and now driving. she has varied tastes (watches america’s next top model, little house on the prairie, and al gore’s documentary on global warming all with interest) which makes her a fun and open-minded companion on tv night. she has introspective times when you can sit next to her on the couch night after night and not know what’s going on in her life until you read her blog. but she has equally as expressive times which you thus treasure all the more. when may talks to you, she has a way of making you feel unique, respected, and important simultaneously, no matter the level of pointlessness to your conversation. living with may is one of those special little treats in life that you don’t feel like you deserve but you’re enjoying immensely nonetheless. may is fun, sincere, thoughtful, intelligent, and witty; a lover of independent ideas, musicians, films, and groceries; one who does things just because they sound interesting; a good friend.

I do my darnedest to be the best possible friend I can be. I have varied interests and passions which may or may not translate to lack of focus, but the things I like I really, really like. If I like you, watch out.

I strive for understanding. I like truth, even though it hurts sometimes.

My family hasn’t always gotten along. Sometimes I’m really comfortable talking about them, and other times I’m still confused and trying to put pieces together. I’m not down on my luck all the time, but I’m no stranger to life being hard.

I’ve gone through various therapists to work out issues of trust and abuse. Over two years ago I went through a bit of depression. Sometimes people annoy me, so I’ve taken karate to master the art of teeth-kicking. I have also taken a few breakdancing classes. I do not know why I did that.

It would be nice to meet a good man who loves me and to get married and have children. I hope sooner than later I will get to revise this part of the page.

You can ask me to do a chicken impression. You’ll probably be impressed.

I have some of the best friends in the entire universe.

Right now, I live in New York City, where I have been for over five years. I have two rabbits named Chicken and Pig, and I love them very much.

Right now, I live in New York City, where I have been for over five years. I have two rabbits named Chicken and Pig, and I love them very much. Chicken does not do chicken impressions.

I do not live in New York City anymore, but Provo, Utah. I don’t have two rabbits anymore, either.

One thought on “About Me

  1. My name is Mary and I am currently taking ENG361 through BYU as an online course needed as a pre-requisite for another schools masters program. I think it may have to do with a little lack of motivation because I am not very interested in the material but I am struggling in the course horribly! I was searching to see if anyone had posted anything about the course and your blog came up!

    I am just wondering if you remember taking the final and what it was like….

    Thanks for any and all help!

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